History of metros & railways from around the world

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London Underground & DLR

The oldest underground railway in the world, first opened in 1863

Image for Image for London Underground & DLR


Image for Budapest Metro

The world's second-oldest underground railway

Image for Copenhagen Metro

Driverless metro in Copenhagen, Denmark

Image for Glasgow Subway

Europe's third-oldest underground railway

Image for Hamburg U-Bahn

The third-oldest metro in Germany

Image for Isle of Wight railways

Railways on England's biggest island

Image for London Underground & DLR

The oldest underground railway in the world

Image for Lyon Metro

4 line metro in south-east France

Image for Tyne & Wear Metro

Light rail network serving Newcastle and Sunderland

About MetroMaps

MetroMaps was created in 2020 to showcase some of the best known metros, subways, underground railways, tram networks and railways from around the world. We already have a good selection of networks for you to explore, with more coming soon.

What makes MetroMaps different is the interactive map showing you how a network has changed over time. Each maps starts at the beginning and you can manually navigate through the years or just press play and see the changes happen before your eyes. You can even click on lines and stations to see how just these parts have changed.

As well as a map there is also a detailed history for each line to go with it, including galleries showing you how the network looked at certain stages.

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