Jungle Blocks

Light the fires and collect stars over 45 levels
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    Version 1.0.0

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    Updated 17th February 2014

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In Jungle Blocks you need to light all the fires in each level in the fastest time possible.

Each level has a ball which you can move up, down, left or right. However, it must stop against another object, otherwise the ball will disappear outside the grid and the level will be reset. There are one or more fires in each level, first you must light the ball, then you can light the fires that are not lit. Be warned that any water will put out fires! Collect stars in levels to unlock the bonus levels.

Completing all the levels is just the start. Can you also unlock all the achievements?


  • Use the ball to light other fires.
  • Water puts fires out, be careful!
  • Many different objects which will help and hinder you.
  • Get 3 stars on each level for the best score and to help unlock the bonus levels.
  • 45 levels to complete plus 9 bonus levels.
  • 36 achievements to unlock.
  • Stats showing your total score, levels completed, stars collected and time played.
  • Cool 3D graphics with particles effects.
  • Relaxing music and sounds.


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