Help & support

Welcome to the help & support page. This page details some common issues and ways to resolve them, as well as which web browsers our website and apps should work in.

If you cannot find help for your issue here, then please get in touch with us on our contact page.


Please see this section for any issues you might be having with your account.

I cannot log into my account

This might happen for a number of reasons. We recommend doing these checks:

  • Have you activated your account? You should get an email shortly after registering. Please make sure to check junk folders for this email. Click the link to activate your account.
  • If your account exists and has been activated then try changing your password on the reset password page.
  • If you account has been deactivated you will need to get in touch with us to reinstated it. Please email us on our contact page. Note that accounts deactivated over 30 days ago will be deleted, you will then have to create a new account.
  • Lastly check if the web browser you are using is supported below.

I think my account has been compromised

If this happens make sure to do the steps below as soon as possible:

  • Change your password. If you are logged in you can do this from the change password page. If you are locked out you can do it from the reset password page.
  • Make sure your password strength is strong and is not a password used on another website. We recommend using a password manager to store your passwords to keep them strong and unique, such as Passwords, find out more on the Passwords page.
  • If you email account has also been compromised please make sure to change the password on that account too, using the same rules above.
  • Your identity is based on your email address and password. If both of these pieces of information are compromised then there is nothing we can do to help. It is your responsibility to keep these pieces of information secure.
  • Note when changing your password you will be logged out of the website and all apps on all devices.

A transaction has not been applied on your account

If a transaction has not been applied when you think it should have then please check the steps below:

  • Did the transaction actually go through? If it did you should have received a confirmation email (check junk folders for this), it should show up on the account page plus your bank card should have been charged. If you do not see these after 24 hours then the transaction has not gone through and you will need to perform the transaction again.
  • If the transaction has gone through, please try reloading the app you are trying to apply a subscription to. This will normally make the subscription appear if it has not already.

Website & apps

The website and apps are all designed to work on all major web browsers on a range of devices. Everything will work on the latest versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. We support these browsers on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux devices. All these browsers auto update, so you should be on the latest version already. We recommend using the Chrome browser for the best experience on the web.

The website and apps may work on other web browsers, but we do not support them and will not provide any help getting things to work on these browsers.

New releases of browsers may cause issues from time to time, in these rare cases we recommend waiting for a few days for these problems to be sorted out or switch to another supported browser in the meantime.

Flash games

Adobe Flash is no longer a supported technology on the web. It has also been discontinued running standalone on devices, however there is a way to play old Flash content. See the Flash games page for more information.

Linking to our site

Webmasters, please feel free to link to the site, if you contact us we will do the same in return if you are a good fit for our values.

Using resources such as blocks of text, images or apps is NOT PERMITTED. If you would like to do so please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Using our apps on your website

Using apps on your own site by just embedding them is NOT PERMITTED. Please reach out to us in the first instance on our contact page. There we can discuss your requirements and see what we can do for you.

When embedding apps we can offer the following:

  • Embed the app as is, with no changes.
  • Skin the app in your brand colours.
  • Translate the app into any language.
  • Make minor or major functional changes to the app.
  • Integrate the app with your database of users.

We can advise on costings for the above when you get in touch with us.


At Barking Universe we love to encourage the use of new technology. Our website uses the Next.js framework, which makes building complex websites simple. Next.js is in turn powered by React. Click the links to find out more about these 2 great web technologies and see if they will help you to make an amazing website like this one.